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Electro-Nico & Javier Misa

Electro-Nico & VJ Tenacius

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Born and raised between two much different cultures such as the South and North American, since early stages of life, nico A (aka Electro-Nico) has been in contact with music.
Before turning 15, he had already started playing for friends and mates at high school gigs as well as private birthday parties.
In 1989 he has the big chance of performing live many times at Gateway, one of the first places in the USA to get involved with the new and growing era of electronic music at the rythm of Technotronic, Milly Vanilli, Black Box and others. Back in Uruguay performed live in many Pubs in his hometown and after a while moved on to Montevideo where he´s been polishing his technique ever since. The personal touch, the loud punching bass of his style and his appetite for moving crowds, pushed him to become not only a much sought after DJ but also a well known producer of fine electronic events such as INSOMNIA, XPRESSIONS and CHEMICAL SESSIONS. For almost one year and a half he was the resident and producer DJ at IL TEMPO, a non-electronic club which rapidly became one.
After this success, attention is caught by the most known electronic club of the city, and after a short period of time, Electro-Nico becomes the new resident dj of KALU AFTER CLUB.
For all these years he has been recognized for his performances along some very well known Djs such as Nick Bennet (Spain), Tato Piatti (Arg), Steve Martin (Canada), Javier Misa, Logiztik Sounds, Dj Koolt, Dj Colman, Jorge Guth, Damián Santa Cruz(aka DeepFuture)and Andrés Serrón (aka Mr.On)among others.
He´s also been a constant presence at some of the best Clubs in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil such as KALÚ, TRANSS, IL TEMPO, Mr. KAISSER, PUEBLO VIEJO, SONICO, GREEN FEST, MACHINA and others.
In 2006 shared night event with Justin Robertson (UK) at SUNSET in Buenos Aires (ARG) His mixes and sessions have been played in many radio stations such as OCEANO FM (UY), GUAIRA (VZ), MBP (Brazil), GrooveEnergy Radio (Canada) and FRESHBEAT (Canada)
During 2009 he´s been a constant presence in Buenos Aires, playing twice at DOT during open air events.
He was also selected to be the performing DJ for the "Aniversario Revista CARAS 2010" (CARAS Magazine´s 2010 anniversary), the most prestigious hi-fashion magazine in Latin America.
Nowadays he is the resident Dj @ KALU After Club, an icon among ravers and keeps onproducing events and cicles, such as "PreSummer2010" and "Ciclo Otoño2010".
Among his favorite styles we find Progressive House combined with vivid and crystal TECH rythm and bases, as well as Tech itself and its derivates (electro tech, etc.)

Booking / Contacto

Facebook: DjElectroNico

Past and Upcoming Dates

August 2009
6 - IL Tempo (UY)
13 - IL Tempo (UY)
20 - IL Tempo (UY)
22 - KALU After Club
27 - IL Tempo (UY)

September 2009
3 - PrimaveraElectronica I (UY)
5 - Dot BsAs (ARG)
6 - Dot BsAs (ARG)
10 - PrimaveraElectronica II (Y)
21 - GreenFest @ Pueblo Viejo (UY)
24 - FIEXTASIS @ Pque. Rodó (UY)

October 2009
1 - IL Tempo Dance (UY)
4 - Dot BsAs (ARG)
8 - Ciclo Octubre09
15 - Ciclo Octubre II
22 - Lanzamientro PreSummer 10
29 - PreSummer I (w/Rocha + Serrón)

November 2009
05 - Chicas SuperPoderosas
12 - Presummer II (w/ Colman)
19 - JustRave Party
26 - JPBd´s (w/Colman+Cardozo+Xtr3s)

December 2009
03 - PreSummer 2010 (w/Xtr3s)
05 - TequilaBar (San José)
10 - DandN Party (w/Guth)
17 - Cierre PreSummer (w/Dj Koolt)

January 2010
07 - Ciclo Summer 2010
09 - Arachanes (La Paloma)
14 - SummerII @ IL Tempo
16 - Kalú After Club

March 2010
11 - Ciclo Otoño 2010 I
18 - Ciclo Otoño 2010 II
20 - Pisando Fuerte (Molino de Pérez)
25 - Ciclo Otoño 2010 III

April 2010
01 - Xpressions 2.0
14 - Aniversario Revista CARAS (Maroñas)

May 2010
01 - Kalú After Club
08 - Kalú w/ Nick Bennet (Spain)
15 - Kalú w/ Miss Shenny & Camille
22 - Kalú w/ Javier Misa
29 - Kalú w/ Adrián Extr3s

Jul 2010
03 - Kalú After Club w/ Logistik Sounds
10 - Kalú w/ Javier Misa
17 - Kalú w/ Agustín Quiroga
24 - Kalú w/ Ruben Duffey
31 - Kalú w/ Adrián Extr3s

Aug 2010
07 - Kalú After Club w/ DJ Black
14 - Kalú w/ Miss Shenny
21 - Kalú w/ Martín Ox
28 - Kalú w/ Nick Bennet (Spain)

Sep 2010
04 - Kalú After Club w/ Ruben Duffey
11 - Kalú w/ Dangiolillo
18 - Kalú w/ Javier Misa
25 - Kalú w/ Dj Coto

Oct 2010
02 - Kalú After Club w/ Logiztik Sounds
09 - Kalú w/ Gabriel Austino
16 - Kalú w/ Adrian 3xtres

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